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I’d love some help! I’ve never been very consistent online or great at communication or catering to the followers of this blog/website, but one of my goals for 2021 is to be better.

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“How To Fail In Sports!” – My new podcast episode is out

Cheat, Make Excuses, Don’t Put In The Work, Don’t Trust Your Instincts, and Let Fear Control Your Mind…”How To Fail In Sports” from BORING IS A SWEAR WORD.

Episode 11 on itunes

Episode 11 on Soundcloud

Find Small Moments of Joy

Repetition is the spice of life:
In the last 24 hours, I met a friend at a park, talked and had coffee, then swam in the river. I also went on a barefoot bike-ride with Roo and J, read a good book, wrote fiction, worked on my next podcast, listened to music outside while watching bats hunt bugs at sunset, stared at the stars, made a Tik Tok with Roo, went rock climbing with Rain, hit the heavy bag with Roo, biked to the I-5 bridge at night, climbed up the railing, and watched the cars drive toward Mexico and Canada.
All of these things are things I do normally.
Yes, this is a really hard time. But the little things matter.
Find small moments of joy.

You know this time is crazy when…

I overheard this yesterday at The Columns in Eugene, Oregon –

1st woman: “Yeah, it’s getting bad. I’ve been drinking every afternoon, and lately I’ve been making buzzed calls for work.”

2nd woman: “What?! But you’re a doctor!”

1st woman: “Yeah, I’ve been worried I’m too buzzed to read chart notes correctly. I should probably drink a little less.”

Podcast Episode 3 Is Out – “Boring Is A Swear Word”:

This episode features segments titled “Trump Fans Hate My Writing,” “The Story of the World’s Dirtiest Chair,” “I Break Down Tyga’s Rap Lyrics,” “Geeking Out With Bats,” and “A Vote For Staycations.”

For itunes, CLICK HERE.

For Soundcloud, CLICK HERE.

Podcast Episode 2 Is Out!

Podcast Episode #2 is out, and it includes:

“More People Who Hate My Writing,” “A Ridiculous True Story…From Europe,” “The Best Thing I’ve Read This Week,” “Geeking Out With Elevators,” “Ayuda Me,” and “A Dedication Plus A Message From My Frontyard Squirrel.”

For itunes, click here.

For Soundcloud, click here.


My New Podcast Is Out On itunes!

My new podcast – Boring Is A Swear Word – is out on itunes now!

This episode:
“People Who Hate My Writing,” “A Ridiculous True Story,” “The Best Thing I’ve Read This Week,” “Geeking Out,” Journal Lists Y Gente Loca,” and “A Message From My Dog.”

If you want to listen, click here: Boring Is A Swear Word Episode 1