Everyday Dirtbag Entry #9.

– This Is What We Think About –

Dirtbagging is about obsession.  Can I go a month without buying lunch (yet still eat)?  Is it possible to work for five years without purchasing a single article of clothing?  And if I try this route 300 times, will I send?

New project.  Lizard Rock’s shade route.

It seems easy.  Low start.  Five moves.  Only 25-degrees of overhang.  One of the holds is even a jug.

Lee, Dane, Jeff, and a girl from Hueco named Carly all worked it with me.  And nothing.  We all failed.  It’s at least V8.  Hard 8.  We’ll call it old school 8+.  But it looks so easy.

The dirtbag on the shade project.

Dirtbag on the shade project.


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