Everday Dirtbag Entry #11

Builder (to builder)


To climb on a building without rope or harness, usually between 1 and 10 meters (or metres in Canada).

– Best Buildering Experiences –

1. Sending Eugene’s Washington Street Bridge routes with Jeff.

2. Linking the “Bald and Pushing 220” crack on the Borders Bookstore wall.

3. Climbing the Interlocken Lake Castle towers, Switzerland, with Jennie.

4. Traversing Barcelona’s 12th century wall, Spain.

– Worst Buildering Experiences –

1. Getting rolled on by a policeman at the Washington Street Bridge.

2. Getting rolled on by the exact same policeman, same location, three days later.

3. Obtaining permission to climb the Chambers Street overpass wall, next to the railroad changing yard, then being discovered by a police man and woman, neither of which believed that we had permission from the yard manager.

4. Co-writing, then having to scrap, a “Eugene’s Guide to Buildering”, 2005, because I couldn’t get in any more trouble with the police if I wanted to keep my teaching job at a high school.


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