Everyday Dirtbag Entry #21.

Oh yeah, not everyone is a dirtbag:

I heard about this local climber who has 200+ first ascents in Oregon.  My friends kept telling me I should climb with him.  That he’s good.  Really good.  So I ran into him and he’d heard of me, and of course I’d heard of him, and he wanted to climb, and I wanted to climb, and he asked for my number, and I asked for his, and everything was perfect and positive and romantic until I realized that neither of us had any paper.  I naturally wrote his number on my hand, no problem, but I saw that he didn’t write mine on his.  So I scrabbled around and found a leaf that was thick and whitish on the underside and wrote my name and number right there.  On the back of the leaf.  Then handed it to him.

He looked at the leaf, and me, like I was funny.  Then he pulled a nice new cell phone out of his pocket and entered my number right there, in the cell phone.

And I realized, “Oh yeah, some people have those things now.  Those cell phone things.  New technology and stuff.  Weird.”


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