Summer Reading.

Some of my students have asked me to write down what I’m reading right now and which books I would recommend. So here’s what I’ve read this summer (with my brother-in-law Courtney’s evaluative art equation: art = form + content). In order:

1. The Crossing – Cormac McCarthy (good form + above average content)

2. Bad Behavior – Mary Gaitskill (good form + average content)

3. The Boys of My Youth – Jo Ann Beard (excellent form + average content)

4. Borrowed Finery – Paula Fox (good form + good content)

5. A Room of One’s Own – Virginia Woolf (good form + good content)

6. No Country For Old Men – McCarthy (excellent form + excellent content)

7. The Bluest Eye – Toni Morrison (excellent form + excellent content)

That’s all I’ve got so far. Writing too much to read.


One thought on “Summer Reading.

  1. depressed that I got half way through No Country for Old Men…..was enthralled…….and forgot to bring it to Utah to finish it……? ………….

    It’s gonna be a long four months until I return to McCarthy’s beautiful novel sitting in my room untouched……..

    I guess there’s always wal-mart


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