Rant #11 (rant back again).

Outdoor Gear Guy:

If you hike or climb or paddle or ride, you’ve probably met him.  He wears $80 Prana shorts.  And $70 Gramici T-Shirts.  His Chaco sandals are very clean.  His hair and goatee are perfect.

Outdoor Gear Guy hangs out at REI and sips lattes at locally owned coffee shops.  He frequents the climbing gym to chat with friends.  Swills micro-brews only.

But it’s his garage that matters.  In there we find his treasure stored:

1 pristine Serotta Ottrott road bike.

32 glittering Metolius Master Cams

2  orange Maravia 14-footers

4 Northface 2200+ packs

3 Kevlar SEDA Sea Kayaks

2 Dagger Green Boats

1 Lynskey Titanium Cross Bike

All fine.  Good gear.  Excellent in fact.

But if you ask him to climb, he’s always busy.

He also never rides.  Or paddles.  Or backpacks.

But man does his gear look good. In his garage.

End of rant.


4 thoughts on “Rant #11 (rant back again).

  1. Jay’s Commenter Rant #4 – Random Nervousness

    I have done a lot of public speaking, and I never get nervous. I don’t know why, but it just doesn’t bother me. However, sometimes nervousness appears at the most random times. I was at a church function a couple of weeks ago. The leader asked us to go around the room and say our name and how long we’ve been married. Name…check. Number of years married…check. I’ve done this many times before. No problem right. All of a sudden, I’m on deck to “perform” and my stomach starts turning. I’m really nervous. Why? I have no idea. But, I couldn’t have been more annoyed with myself.

    Commenter rant over.


  2. Jay’s Commenter Rant #5 – Favorite Movie

    If you’re looking for a sure fire way to ruin your favorite movie, just watch it with someone who has never seen it before. All of a sudden your favorite movie turns into 2 hours of discomfort. You spend the whole time looking over to see if they are “getting it”. Are they following the plot (if there is one)? Are they laughing at the right places? Naw, they probably hate it. After all this movie is terrible. How could anyone like this movie? Mission accomplished. Your favorite movie is now ruined. I’ll keep my favorite movies to myself from now on.

    Commenter rant over.


  3. Jay’s Commenter Rant #6 – Sweet Tea

    I love sweet tea. It is my favorite drink. It is the nectar of the gods. It’s a very simple drink. Tea bags, water and sugar. I live in Texas, so almost all restaurants serve sweet tea. Great right. Wrong! Why is it that restaurants can’t figure out how to do it? Every restaurant (fast food or sit down) does it differently. Sometimes it’s good, but usually it’s not. Even the exact same restaurant can’t do it the same from day to day. Why? It’s got to be one of the most simple items on the menu. Every time I go to a mexican restaurant, they do their salsa exactly the same. Salsa has at least 20 ingredients. Why can salsa be produced consistently, but no such luck with sweet tea? I just don’t understand what is so hard?

    Commenter rant over.


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