Three Cups of Tea.

I’m reading Three Cups of Tea right now.  And I love the story.  Thoroughly engaging.  I want to know what happens next.  And I’m inspired too.


1.  It’s not BY Greg Mortenson.  It’s really by a guy named David Oliver Relin.  The book is in third person.  And it glorifies Mortenson to a sickening degree.  If it was ACTUALLY by Mortenson (and not Relin, a graduate of the Iowa Writer’s Workshop), then the aggrandizing of Mortenson would be gross.  So people need to stop saying, “Greg Mortenson, the author of Three Cups of Tea…”

2. Mortenson CLAIMS that he has learned from the Balti, learned from their lifestyle, learned to slow down and spend time with people.  But the Balti spend all their time with family, in one place, being content to sit on their roofs, eat meals together, laugh and gossip.  And if Mortenson actually learned from them, then wouldn’t he have spent more than A SINGLE MONTH at home during the first year of his own daughter’s life.  No Balti would neglect his own child like that.

3.  Mortenson pretends to pray to Allah time and time again in the book.  He also fake-reads the Koran on multiple occasions.  Isn’t it a little gross that he’s pretending to follow a religion so that people will accept him?  That seems like pure and simple manipulation.  Am I wrong?

I know.  I’m too critical.  And Mortenson IS an amazing humanitarian.  I just can’t make myself hop on the hype train.  Oprah be damned.


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