Everyday Dirtbag Entry #32.

Going to Yosemite Valley for eight days.  Leaving tomorrow.  For eight days in dirtbag heaven.  The white and gray granite of Camp 4.

So as the trip has approached, I’ve gotten weird again.  Obsessive again.

A few (and only a few) of the questions in my head:

How much should I rest before we leave?  Two days?  Three?  Four?  A week?

Should I rest power, but not endurance?  Am I like a runner?  Can I climb light endurance every day?

Should I rest endurance but not power?  Do a few hard moves each day?  Or every other day?  Or power one day, rest two, then endurance?

Is there a type of hold on my training wall that is more likely to hurt me?  Tweak me?  Make me sore?

Is it ok to get sore the week before?  What about three or four days before?

What about pockets?  Should I even hit pockets?  There aren’t any pockets in Swan Slabs or Camp 4.  So will pockets even help me?

Crimps are dangerous.  Tendon wreckers.  Should I grip them?  Pull hard?  Lock off?

Am I worrying too much?

Or not enough?


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