Everyday Dirtbag Entry #48.

I’m kind of playing with this idea:

How to get in a bouldering session at work.

Idea #1:

The Bathroom Stall Traverse.

Go in and lock the stall door as if you need to do your business.  Then take off your shoes (better for smearing).  Grab the top of the stall on either the left or the right-hand side and walk your feet up onto the wall.  Traverse either clockwise or counter-clockwise for three laps.  Then go the other direction.

Rest inbetween sets.

The crux would be the transition over the toilet.  A slip would be bad there (disastrous if the toilet has already been clogged by a coworker), and you have to release one hand to cross over.  But that move has gotta be good for your lats and deltoids – key to a good, hard sesh.


1.  You’ll be “that guy who does something weird in the bathroom”.

2.  The sounds you make in there can’t be good for your work image either.  But straining to transition over the toilet might sound like straining to do something else, so…

On the plus side:

1.  A jug-holds endurance burn.

2.  Iron-crosses over the toilet.

3.  Smearing practice on bad feet.

4.  Straining without defecating.

5.  Most importantly, you get a work time sesh.  If you say, “I have to go to the bathroom,” no boss is going to stop you.

So boom!  More climbing time.  Add the minutes to your weekly total.


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