Everyday Dirtbag Entry #49.

Climbed at The Columns last night, rope-soloing on an ascender.  And since my buddy (The Underwear Model) and I have a list of challenges to go after, I chased one…

…and got it.  And I was really happy, and it was a trifecta, and the first one was really hard to send, and my foot slipped on each of the last two routes but I still got them and everything was perfect and I wanted to go around and brag for a second until I had the following three ideas:

1. Nobody cares.  Even if they know what “Rat Snake Head”, “Ledges to Hard”, and “Crack-A-No-Go” are, they still don’t care.  It’s just me doing my own thing by my self.

2. The ratings are irrelevant.  If I gave the numbers, they’d be impressive to some and completely pathetic to others.  The numbers that I climbed are somewhere in that middle-ground between beginner ratings and pro ratings.  And that’s where they’re likely to stay.

3. I sent three of the hardest routes at The Columns in one night (and that’s great for me), but Lynn Hill sent five of the hardest routes in a row on her FIRST trip to The Columns.  So really, how good am I?

So a good night for me, and I’m happy, but…


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