Everyday Dirtbag Entry #62.

This holiday season is about as un-dirtbag as it gets.  Non-dirtbag.  Dis-dirtbag.  De-dirtbag.

It doesn’t matter what holiday you celebrate.  Here’s the idea:  Drive in heavy traffic, go to a mall, eat expensive bad food, buy a lot of crap that people may or may not like, stress about it, drive in more traffic, wrap crap late at night, watch holiday television, give crap to people, watch them look disappointed, get crap in return, return crap the next day, trade for other crap, drive in more traffic, and go home.

Then repeat.

My older sister ,Hillary, and her husband, Jay, understand how I feel about it.

Hillary called me the other day and said, “Jay and I know what to do for you for Christmas.”


“Yeah.  We’re going to look through our house, fill a bag with stuff we don’t use, and take that bag to Goodwill.  That’ll save us the trouble and you the trouble.  What do you think?”

“Perfect,” I said.

“Perfect,” she said.


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