Everday Dirtbag Entry #63.

We’re headed off to spend three days at my wife’s aunt and uncle’s cabin at Willamette Pass.  And that got me thinking.  We’re dirtbag land owners:

We stay at an extended relatives’ cabin a few weekends a year.  A beautiful cabin in the snow.  Plus, we spend 15 to 20 nights at our little camp on BLM land outside of Sisters, Oregon.  We have our own undisturbed spot with fire-ring, leveled tent site, and nearby boulders as amenities.

All free.

So why buy when you can squat, commandeer, or long-term borrow?


One thought on “Everday Dirtbag Entry #63.

  1. because there is no dirt, clean showers, a comfortable bed, a stocked fridge, and all day sledding…when your done wearing yourself out playing in the fresh powder outside, you come in for a little hot chocolate and lounge the night away reading your favorite book…I’d like to own the hell out of that!


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