Real Rejection.

I don’t think I’ve ever posted one of my rejections exactly as it’s written (rather than in haiku form, etc.).  So here’s a fiction rejection from this week.  Let’s you know what it comes in looking like.  I won’t name the editor or magazine to maintain anonymity.  I only dropped the salutation and the “Best, signature”.  Everything else is as sent.  The rejection:

thanks for sending this new one our way, but we are going to pass. while
there are some interesting elements at work here and the structure makes
for a solid read, the exposition and dialogue are both just a bit too
heavy for us. thanks for the look though, and please do keep us in mind
for future.


2 thoughts on “Real Rejection.

  1. At least they said something specific about your writing, rather than the typical, thousand-times-photocopied response! BJust being read by someone is usually half the battle…


  2. Hey,wehre do you send the material to?

    Also,dont care about what they say,as long as you believe in your work 🙂

    PS:I am trying to write a book and have been posting my writing on my blog,could you care to read and comment,it will mean alot to me 🙂


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