Everyday Dirtbag Entry #71.

There are so many advantages to climbing with young people. This week, my students and I buildered on the Brick Wall Project routes, climbed in the dark, climbed one-handed, played “Gladiator” (or last climber on the wall), did three-legged climbing, and bouldered chairs (which makes a person look like a moron to any passer by).

And although I’ve been showed up twice – when students could boulder chairs that I couldn’t – the energy is always worth it. Young people approach climbing with exuberance, new pursuits with enthusiasm. I say, “Let’s try…” and they say, “Yes,” before I even finish my sentence.

Compare that to the passive-aggressive climber who made comments (grunting mutters really) about how loud we were at the local crag recently, or the “experienced” climbers who belayed from a camping chair, or the grizzled veteran who spewed about every famous climber he’s ever met, and why, exactly, would I want to climb with older people?


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