Everyday Dirtbag Entry #73.

“Ultimate Dirtbag” moments this week:

1.  I dropped a piece of lettuce in my shoe where it got stuck between the heal cup and my dirty sock.  I fished it out with my index finger and ate it.

2.  Two students and I spent an hour after school doing sit-start campus dynos to bad holds.

3.  I ate a worm in the school garden to earn two dollars.

4.  I cut my own throat bouldering a chair (it looked a lot worse than it was) and didn’t even send.

5.  I took my daughters’ old sandwich crusts to school in a Safeway bag and ate all the crusts for lunch.  Then one of my colleagues felt bad for me and gave me some peanuts and raisins that she’d had in a cup on her desk for three weeks.

(comment and send your own moments)


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