Everyday Dirtbag Entry #75.

It’s an addiction.

While I was sick with the flu, too sick to even go to work, I lay on the couch wondering, “How long could I climb on the wall?  How many sets could I get in without making myself more sick?  Is five 20-move sets too many?  What if I just did a short power workout, something that didn’t require much cardio effort?  What about doorjamb pull-ups?  What about mono-finger hangs?”

I laid there and fantasized.  Then when my daughter got home, we had to take a burn on the garage wall.  After all, if I’m not molding the next generation of climbers, what am I doing with my life?


One thought on “Everyday Dirtbag Entry #75.

  1. Hey Hoff, I was wondering about your “Rule of 100.” I was wondering if a pair of socks, or shoes counts as two items or one? Hopefully if everything falls into place for me to graduate a semester early next year than I will be hiking the Appalachian Trail for five months and thought it proper to dedicate maybe a year to stick to this plan. Or how about a tent? One item or would stakes and rain tarp be seperate? Maybe I’m reading way too much into it. I believe I just had a revelation! It’s not about the actual items is it? But th essence of the simplicity in living without the burden of luxuries. Can’t wait to start! Thanks Peter…

    – A Fellow Climber and Carpa
    Diem-er, Chris


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