Everyday Dirtbag Entry #81.

Dirtbag moment of the week:

I got a free ticket to see the University of Oregon Ducks baseball team play against the #1 ranked (and undefeated) ASU Sun Devils on Friday.  Not only did the Ducks upset the number one team in twelve innings, but the game involved a rain delay, a home run, three infield hits, a lightning delay, a game-saving play at the plate, and a snow delay – during which an enormous owl floated over the infield carrying a rat in its talons.

So even though the game was awesome, it lasted five and a half hours, and I got hungry.  Super hungry.

No worries.  People at baseball games abandon half-eaten food as if only the first half of the hotdog or hamburger or popcorn bucket is edible.

I swooped in like the owl.


One thought on “Everyday Dirtbag Entry #81.

  1. Owls are not scavengers, so I doubt they would eat the second half or the hotdog or hamburger or popcorn.

    Maybe you could replace “owl” with “medicant”. Although, I don’t think a medicant can swoop. Hmmm…tough metaphor.


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