Everyday Dirtbag Entry #85.

“Underwear Bet” update (names and routes):

THE Underwear Model on “The Impossible Layback”

Me (Pedro) on “Crack-A-No-Go”

Ty-Ty on “The Right Ski Track”

Cah-Leb on “The Hard Layback”

Young Jackson D. on “Fatty”

Trevor The Gifted on “Satisfaction Direct”

And my-only-friend-in-the-entire-world-Jeff-Hess also on “Satisfaction Direct”.

With that list, we are almost guaranteed to see some underwear climbing sessions. In the event of, there will be pictures.

(Bet contestants comment back here, trash talk, update with progress or failures, and I’ll see about setting up an updates page.)


4 thoughts on “Everyday Dirtbag Entry #85.

  1. You might need to confirm/twist his arm, but word is that Thad-allic might be giving Possible Layback (right leaning layback left of fatty) a try in this silly bet.


  2. Ty-Ty gave it a first go yesterday evening, he has the route wired and had practiced the placements, but it was still his first trad-lead ever. He placed his crux piece too early and not very well. When he got to the crux on a 7 or 8 foot runout he realized he didn’t have the piece he needed, cussed a lot, and down climbed. Ive never been that worried on belay.


  3. Its over! I sent today(April 30). Come May 15th I will not be one of those forced to climb in my underwear. I might still do it for fun though.


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