Everyday Dirtbag Entry #88.

So three are out now (no underwear for the strong):

Tyler sent on April 30th, “Right Ski Track”, witnessed by Cah-Leb.

T.U.M. sent on April 29th, “Impossible Layback”, witnessed by “Kurt”.

And I sent on April 30th, “Crack-A-No-Go”, witnessed by my-only-friend-in-the-entire-world-Jeff-Hess (yes, I sent my route, so take that, Molly).

I’m not sure about Tyler and THE Underwear Model, but I know why I sent:

Workout to shower ratio and free food.

Last week, I came in at a 7 to 1 WO to S, and anything above a four is pure dirtbag, baby.  So big victory for me there.

Also, I scored the following free food this week:

1 bag of pistachio’s (found in the main office on a counter)

A ziplock full of pre-cut orange slices (found on a grass field near my house)

4 bags of tea (found in the staff lounge)

3/4 cup of coffee (from a friend)

2 Hershey’s mini-chocolate bars (found at school)

And 3/4 of a plain bagel that I found in the school gym and ate right before my “Crack-A-No-Go” send.

Any connection between all this and my success?

I think so.


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