Everyday Dirtbag Entry #92.

Final tallies on the Underwear Bet:

There were the achievers (the people who sent their bet routes).

The overachievers (the people who sent more than one hard route – THE Underwear Model sent three hard routes).

And the unheard-from (people who neither sent nor emailed nor called).

So as it stands, I’m calling you out.  Trevor and Jackson, you must pay up.  Payment is in the form of a daylight picture of you sessioning at the Columns in scivvies.  Email the pic to hoffmeister@4j.lane.edu.

Please, no close-ups.


One thought on “Everyday Dirtbag Entry #92.

  1. Wait wait wait. Lets think about this Hoff. Posting that they lost is one thing, but a picture can be brought up again and again forever bringing shame to their climbing ability.

    They should make it an event.

    Think about it. The losers could coordinate and pick a date and time,(preferably after school one day) to show off their skivvies together in front of any bet members who want to watch. It would be epic.


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