Everyday Dirtbag Entry #94.

What do they say about the best laid plans?

Jennie and I were climbing a VB highball warm-up at the Sisters Boulders Saturday evening when Jennie said, “We should climb 100 boulder routes these next three days.”

I immediately agreed.  That involves two of my favorite activities:  Climbing and counting.

We started.

Five routes in, everything looked good.

Ten routes in, I was warmed-up and happy.

The eleventh route was a sit-start, bad-holds dyno V5 and I onsighted it.


Then I went to my eternal project, failed, failed again, fell six times, and it got dark.  Even by headlamp, I couldn’t see the divot for the middle finger on the pinch lunge.

Still stuck on send number 11.

No worries.  Two more days to get the rest of the routes.

Then it rained on Sunday.  Rained harder.  Rained until late at night.  Rained a little more this morning.  Sprinkled, misted, rained, then sprinkled  again.  Threatened to get sunny, then sprinkled one last time.

When it finally got dry enough to climb, I had a half-hour.  That’s it.

I climbed a VO warm-up, kept climbing, and……

Total boulder problems sent in three days:  16.


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