Everyday Dirtbag Entry #95.

I looked it up.  And according to every old alpine magazine I could find (some British, some American, and some…Canadian), “A climb is considered bouldering if it lies between one and 10 meters in height.”

1 meter = 3.28 feet.

10 meters = 32.8 feet.

Pretty small and tall.

This weekend, THE Underwear Model and I are going for the bottom of that scale.  We are going to test the lower limits of our climbing abilities.

While guiding a rafting trip on the Deschutes River in Central Oregon, we will be camping in a primitive campground littered with three (counted them), three boulders taller than 3.28 feet.

The Boulders.

The Rocks.

Les Blocs.

One of them is almost 4 and a half feet tall.  Almost.

And we, yes we, THE Underwear Model and I, are going to climb them.  Send them.  Session on them.  Play eliminate games.  Compete.  Suffer.  And fail.

Lowball to glory.

May the ultimate one-move-wonder win.


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