Everyday Dirtbag Entry #98.

In Yosemite right now, camping in Camp 4. Glory time.

Last night, I sent one more new boulder problem in Swan Slabs while climbing with THE Underwear Model. Now I have only four problems left to send in that area. I’ll finish that this trip.

Also, I’ve been thinking about Arno Ilger’s line from The Rock Warrior’s Way: “Essentially, a warrior is an impeccable hunter of personal power. He gains his power by taking forays into the unknown where he focuses his attention, grapples with chaos, and learns from the experience.”
I’m not sure about the impeccable hunter of personal power part, but the grappling with chaos idea is awesome. Isn’t that what we all do. And isn’t one measure of success that we accept that this chaos must be grappled, and that victory is in the process, not the product.


2 thoughts on “Everyday Dirtbag Entry #98.

  1. Good stuff Pete, hey when you get the chance you should write me on your e-mail because I don’t have it and I wanted you to check out a poem I wrote to see if it was any good


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