Everyday Dirtbag Entry #102.

As we left our campsite this weekend, my brother-in-law Nate packed our free and unburned firewood into his Land Cruiser.  He said, “How dirtbag is that?  I’m driving scrounged wood an hour and a half home.  But it’s free.”

That got me thinking.  What are the most dirtbag actions I’ve taken recently.

And here’s the list:

1. I took a bag of carrots out of a garbage can, rinsed them off, and ate them.

2. I climbed all over a public bathroom because it had volcanic basalt as its bricks.

3. I ate the rest of five people’s meals at Mo’s restaurant, Florence.

4. I climbed up a caved-in sandy hillside three times because the exposed roots made it feel like rock climbing.

5. I finished my bowl of cereal, my daughter’s bowl, my other daughter’s, and then two of their friends.  Then I went around killing their half- cups of lukewarm hot chocolate.

6. Finally, I stayed in my garage for two hours, climbing on my woody, even though it was 120 degrees in there with no insulation.  Literally 120 degrees.  I greased off everything but it was excellent.


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