Failing Writer #10.

Unfailing writer?

Just got a call from my buddy Jose Chaves who said that my book deal has been announced on the Dealmakers section of Publishers Marketplace.  I’m not on the inside loop (when have I ever been on the inside loop), so he relayed it to me over the phone.  Hope this is correct:

“Sold, Peter Brown Hoffmeister’s memoir, The End of Boys, to Soft Skull, Denise Oswald editor, Adriann Ranta Agent, release Spring 2011.

Summary:  A harrowing, sparely elegant account of surviving an adolescence of mental illness and unblinking violence, and the transformative power of books.”

Jose said he thought that was accurate.

So there it is.  I’m so happy to be with Soft Skull, Denise, and Adriann.  And for once, not to fail.


2 thoughts on “Failing Writer #10.

  1. Congratulations Pete. Well deserved.

    Turns out that “sparely” is an actual word. I thought somebody misspelled “sparsely”. Go figure.

    //sheepishly wanders off to find vocabulary flash cards.


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