Everyday Dirtbag Entry #107.

Last night, Jennie and I were walking around downtown when we came across a storefront of mortered rocks.  Ten feet tall to a half-pad crimper awning.

Jennie loves me, so she said, “Go ahead.  I’ll hold your stuff.”

I started climbing.  Then, at the top, Jennie said, “If you could get your feet high, you could reach out to the upper awning and catch that rail.”

I went for it, stuck it, then campused out to sidewalk edge of the awning.

A block later, Jennie and I saw incut bricks in an alley.  Jennie said, “That looks hard,” and raised her eyebrows.

Of course I got on that wall too.

Half a block later, we discovered irregular bricks that could be laybacked at the corners.  Jennie said, “I wonder how high you could get on that corner in your skate shoes.”

And so it went.

I’m very lucky.  Every dirtbag should have a Jennie.


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