Everyday Dirtbag Entry #115.

Climb of the week:

Skate World has inlaid quartzite all the way around the building, 12-feet tall.  I was there for a Kindergarten birthday party and my five-year-old daughter said, “I bet you can climb that, Dad.”

Dirtbag moment of the week:

Jennie threw out a fully-wrapped granola bar.  I found it in the bathroom garbage, on top of a clump of bathtub drain hair.  But like I said, it was fully wrapped.

Prime number of the week:

53.  Try to divide that.

Best sesh of the week:

Today, in the garage with my older daughter.  She sent her new project.  I ran overhang endurance.

Saddest moment of the week:

When my long-time climbing buddy sent me an email that had a mildly funny line followed by two emoticons hugging each other.  One of them winked while the other one scrunched up his face and smiled.


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