Putting him in the spotlight (comment back).

Because he is content to write great comments from the gallery, I thought I’d put him up front for once.  Right on the stage.  Front center.  Quarterback…

This is an email I got from Jay Kinz two days ago:

Hey Pete:

I was watching the movie Cast Away.  It got me thinking.  Let’s say you had been stranded on a deserted island for over 4 years.  You were then rescued and are on a plane back home to be reunited with your previous life.  You have a laptop and an internet connection.  What are your priorities for what you would look up first?  Here are some of mine. I’m sure yours would be different…

1. Who is President?  (It can be Sarah Palin right?)

2. Where is the stock market?

3. Who is number one in the world golf rankings?

4. How has my fantasy football team been doing with the exact same lineup for 4 years?

5. Where is Britney in her hot/not hot parabolic wave?

6. Is my email account still active?

7. Did they really go through with the remake of Red Dawn?

8. How many of the Gosselin kids are in prison or rehab?

9. Did Miley Cyrus finally go away?

10. Did OJ ever find the person that murdered Ron and Nicole?

11. Did the NCAA ever get rid of the BCS and go to a playoff system?

12. How many new records have Tupac and Biggie Smalls released?

13. Did Brett Favre finally retire?

14. Is Isaiah Thomas still gainfully employed?

Not sure why I bothered with this exercise.  But, I knew you were probably the only one that might enjoy the random hypothetical situation.

Note (from PBH): I’m sure I’m not the only person who would enjoy this hypothetical situation.  Comment back with your own list if you feel inclined.



3 thoughts on “Putting him in the spotlight (comment back).

  1. Please be aware that the “can” in #1, is supposed to be “can’t”. Turns out the ‘t really makes a difference. Of course, if I knew Pete was going to post an email I sent him, then I might have edited it first. Actually, that’s not at all true. I would still have made that mistake, since spell check wouldn’t catch it. And to me, editing and spell check are one and the same. Oh well.


  2. 1. Check my bank account cause I was probably paying bills via autopay for 4 years with no income. Sweet.
    2. Look for my facebook to see what was posted when everyone though I was dead.
    3. Check to see if Twitter was still around, cause most of my closest friends are faster to get a hold that way.
    4. Check Email, delete spam for the entire 6 hour flight.
    5. Check to see what albums Radiohead had put out and if they were still “pay what you want”.
    6. Please god tell me the Rolling Stones are finally dead.
    7. Check to see if Bono was secretary of the UN or on celebrity rehab.
    8. Look up “hipster” to make sure it was finally a culture-wide, derisive term.
    9. Is Damien Hirst still pissing off the art world?
    10. Geo-locate the closest coffee house upon landing.
    11. Skype someone. Anyone.


  3. ok, interesting thought experiment… let me give this a whirl:

    1. call my attorney and file a f*$#@ng lawsuit.
    2. have a GPS chip imbedded under my skin
    3. Send an apology letter to that AFLAC guy I keep kicking out of my office.
    4. clarify how I can be reading Courtney’s post on Nov 16th at 10:27pm
    5. catch up on multivitamins and fish oil
    6. Hit the eliptical for 30 on resistance level 7, incline 4 (keep that low because I don’t want to over develop my quads)
    7. Check to see if my virus software is up to date before having a long date with youtube.
    8. get a large bottle of good (not oily) moisturizing lotion with minimum SPF 15.
    9. Check the weather
    10. basically get back into a comfortable pattern of worry


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