Failing Writer #17.

I’ve realized recently how much time I can waste.  Instead of working on my novel (and trust me, it needs WORK), I’ve found that I tend to:

1. Check my email for the twentieth time that day.

2. Daydream about climbing (but not actually climb).

3. Think about training (but not actually train).

4. Think about reading (but not actually read).

5. Read

6. Google writing quotes.

7. Google editors’ exploits.

8. Think that I should probably grades some student essays.

9. Make coffee.

10. Make tea.

11. Eat over the sink.

12. Eat over the counter.

13. Eat while standing up next to the table.

14. Stare off.

15. Check the weather online.

16. Cross-reference that weather check with another online weather site.

17. Stare off some more.

18. Read about revising novels.

19. Read the weird habits of famous writers.

20. Think about Ernest Hemingway.

21. Think about Cormac McCarthy.

22. Think about Toni Morrison.

23. Think that I should probably vacuum.


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