The Everyday Dirtbag Condition (Or Life With E.D.) 121.

I’m slow.  Just now realized that Everyday Dirtbag shortens to the initials E.D.


So this is my E.D. journal.

Best E.D. moments this week (in a prime-number list of seven):

1. When I biked to work in my very, very old, tatty swim-trunks and realized that I’d forgotten my pants.  So I was “Swim Trunks Guy” teacher all morning.

2. Jennie smuggled her own home-popped popcorn into a theater (with all the kids and cousins) in a greasy supermarket bag.  She shook it to move the butter around.

3. I dug through the lost and found at my school to find fleeces for my students who are going on a snow survival trip with me (and my-only-friend-in-the-entire-world-Jeff-Hess) in January.  I found three abandoned North Face jackets.

4. Free cake in the office.  Yes, I went back.

5. Boulder problem endurance workout.  31 straight boulder problems without a fall (my own personal record).

6. Free coffee scored:  Twice.  Free tea scored: Seven.  Free meals scored: Two.

7. When I told Jennie about having swim trunks on, and no underwear underneath, she said, “No, please tell me that you didn’t score underwear from the lost and found.”  And she wasn’t joking.  My reputation is that bad.



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