Idiocracy Central.

I went to a place called “Putters” last night.

For a little kid’s birthday party.

(Insert long, long sigh here)

I hate little kids’ birthday parties.  I hate the money spent and the food coloring mixed with Crisco cake. The “entertain me” attitude of the children.  The more more more and more. The talking to parents I don’t know.  The talking to parents I do know but don’t like.  The gift bags….

I heard a mother say, “Whoever invented the idea of gift bags ought to be drug out and shot.”

And I heartily agree.

Little bags of presents at the end of a party?  Bags of presents for all the kids who are invited?  When it’s not even their birthday?

So back to this place, this birthday place called “Putters,” where I went last night:

Putters is a video arcade, putt-putt mini-golf course, Lazer Tag (that’s right, with a “z”), pool, beer, pizza, mini-bowling, and children’s playground location.

To add to the general atmosphere of developing ADHD in young brains, there were TVs mounted in every corner (all set to the NFL “Game Mix” – a sports show of multiple games at once, ticking scores and stats, and, for example, “Patriot’s Win” in a big box in one corner).

I’m not showing what it’s really like there.  This entry is NOT fragmented enough to represent the scene.

It was like the start of the movie Idiocracy, when I’m supposed to press play on my DVD player remote, but I can’t even figure out what I’m supposed to do because the screen is too chaotic in front of me.

And supposedly we were there to celebrate the birth of a 5-year-old.


3 thoughts on “Idiocracy Central.

  1. as far as the more more attitude, thats the parents fault, not the kids, they are bi-products of their parents philosophies. But even if the culture was perfect…I wonder…would we still want MORE? I believe so.


  2. Until the “Lazer” is something invented by Nikola Tesla, I’m not really all that interested in the game and I don’t see what lesson it really teaches a 5 year old.


  3. Okay…I am sooo on the same page with you!! Once when I was conducting a sort of ‘regular’ (read lower-level, not frantic) birthday party AT OUR HOUSE a mother dropped off her child and I overheard her saying to her child, “this is really unique and unusual…a party at home”. She seemed to be urging her child to really take note, cause she wasn’t gonna see ‘this’ again in her lifetime. Alas, I recall that every time I go to one of those over-the-top shindigs. At least they din’t rent miny child-size furniture and re-do the whole house for the party!


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