Failing Writer #20

I’m in the beautiful and cosmopolitan Oakland Airport right now, waiting for a plane.

Had my book meetings today and hopefully was successful in my personal goal of not appearing stupid or ignorant all day long.  In fact, I hardly flinched when the names of roughly 257,983 authors, editors, and books that I’d never heard of were mentioned during our publisher’s lunch.

But great people.  Jack Shoemaker and Charlie Winton waxed poetic about authors drinking right before their readings to take the edge off their coke highs. They told how Richard Brautigan used to kidnap babysitters.  How one publisher didn’t pay its authors’ royalties for fifteen years before going out of business.

Such good material.

Also the managing editor, Laura Mazer, shared her piece on a day in the life of an editor.  Good reading for any aspiring author or editor:

Click here to read.


One thought on “Failing Writer #20

  1. Now that you have a book being published and are going on writing business trips, isn’t it time to change the name of this column in your blog from “Failing Writer” to “Pretty Successful Writer” or at least “Moderately Successful Writer”?

    /You’re welcome for the long run-on sentence.


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