IOP Snow Trip

My-only-friend-in-the-entire-world-Jeff-Hess and I took the IOP kids, volunteers, and leaders on our Snow Trip this past weekend, and I’m always amazed by how the kids suffer and survive.

For example, it rained on top of the ice and snow for the first twelve hours.  And since we don’t let them take tents (it’s a survival trip after all), we had to dig our snow shelters in that rain.

And it was miserable.  And we were wet.  And we were cold.

As mountain guide and volunteer Dane Tornell said, “This definitely isn’t textbook hypothermia weather, is it?”

Then we all laughed.

So all the first-year students got into wet sleeping bags, over-nighting in the first snow caves they’d ever built, and “slept” through the night.

Then we took them on a long hike through the woods to a steep ridge and backcountry mountain summit.

I saw multiple kids crying (and high school kids don’t cry publicly very often – especially not high school boys), but no one gave up.  They didn’t quit.

We had the wooden shelter nearby on nights one and two (in case of emergency), but nobody tried to sneak in there.  Our shelter volunteers reported zero stealth sleepers in the morning.  The kids toughed it in the snow.

59 people total.  Is 59 a prime number?


2 thoughts on “IOP Snow Trip

  1. That sounded Gnar. again, i’m jealous that i wasn’t there. Relaxing in florida at my grandma’s house in warm weather is absolutely horrible in comparison. one of these years i’m gonna have to volunteer on a trip or two.


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