Failing Dirtbag – I’m a bad person (E.D. #124)

Yeah, I’m good at eating off of the floor and wearing free clothes.  Those two things remain true.  But, to be honest, I have failed at dirtbagging this past month. And here’s why:

1. I’ve flown on four airplanes.

2. I’ve left food on my plate twice.

3. I’ve refused someone else’s leftovers twice.

4. I’ve blogged in Starbucks once.

5. I’ve only climbed outside twice.

6. I’ve climbed in a “for-profit” gym nine times.

7. I’ve climbed in my “for-free” garage only once.

8. I’ve taken nine showers in January.

9. I didn’t go down to the office one time when there were free bagels.

10. I didn’t wear my snow mittens once because they reeked.

11. I bought two full-price books at Borders.

Disgusting.  And for all of that, I am sorry.  Truly sorry.  I won’t pretend that any of those things are right. In short, may God have mercy on my dirtbag soul.


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