I’m the greatest climber in the world? Everyday Dirtbag #125.

In stream of consciousness (because it’s fun):

I climbed super hard with my IOP kids yesterday, warming up for a long time, then playing Add-Two, then traversing, then working on my weakness (which is anything going hard to the left, my weaker side), doing roughly 23 left-hand-stick dynos – because 23 is a prime number – then Jennie picked me up for our date after school, a date on which we were planning to hike, but instead Jennie said, “Do you want to climb together for an hour,” and I said, “Yes,” because I love to climb, and I love to climb with Jennie, and she said, “I have a couple projects I want to send,” and I said, “Awesome,” and I was really happy that she had “projects” because that means that I’m married to a rad boulderer, but I’d cooled down a bit as far as climbing went, so I warmed up once again, warmed up and started bouldering a little harder, and a little harder, and a little harder, and then I saw some guys working on the unrated brown and maroon-taped route that I’d struggled on a little bit the other day – not too much, but a little bit of struggle – the route on the angled overhang, at the corner, and the route has a dyno-stick-left, my weakness, and then a weird sloping diamond thing going right, and Jennie said, “Do it, P, you’ve got this” and so I tried it, and I stuck the left-hand dyno right off, and then I moved through all the slopers, and then I hit the weird diamond finishing move lunge awkward thing, and I stuck it and sent the route, and everyone said, “Yeah, man, awesome, man” and I was happy, and Jennie was happy, and I thought, “I’m the king of the world” (Titanic style) except that I’m not the king of the world, and I realized that the brown and maroon-taped route is probably only a V6 or so, which is only a 5.12d in reality, which makes me not the king of the world but only an upper-middling climber, and then I thought, by the way, that Chris Sharma can warm up on a 5.12d, that he can actually do that, that is true, and I laughed at myself and at all my projects, and at all of us upper-middling climbers of the world who take ourselves so seriously.


One thought on “I’m the greatest climber in the world? Everyday Dirtbag #125.

  1. Your the KING of my world! I saw you do some badass climbing yesterday, and you were smoked when we got there.
    (I don’t care if this is a shameless wife plug for her husband, he’s HOT!!)


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