Everyday Dirtbag #130 (British Grit)

Looking for a Neill Grimes quote for a climbing article I’m writing, and I came across this:


I get play in the third climb description, Almscliffe (which I’ve never seen).  But – more importantly – the list of what it takes, at the top, and routes descriptions down below are perfect.


You could go there.  You could sleep and pee and poop at the base.  You could eat nothing but peanut butter and ramen for months.  Drink Englishy swill. Lay your sleeping bag in Great Britain’s dirt (which looks and feels an awful lot like mud). Headpoint into submission.  Stress about placements.  Blow placements on mock-lead falls.  Memorize sequences.  Get all the placements right for the very first time. Scrape the oxidized rubber off of the bottom of those booties.  And send, send, send.


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