When on radio…..

I learned a valuable lesson this week.  Live radio is not forgiving.  If you sound like an idiot on a question, that’s forever.

Also, I got caught inside a question vortex a couple of times, kept talking and didn’t know my way out.  It wasn’t like the cliche cat trying to get out of a bag.  Is was more like a one-legged cat trying to get out of an iron box with a master lock on the clasp.

But a radio studio is one big, quiet booth.  And when he looks at you, you’re supposed to say something intelligent:



One thought on “When on radio…..

  1. Oh yeah!

    I’ve been doing a ton of live radio to promote my new book, a memoir of working retail, and it’s stressful as hell. I like doing it, but am now painfully aware that every syllable is archived and podcast and easily heard and re-heard, not something that (blessedly) evaporates…



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