Everyday Dirtbag #135.

For my book release party, I made a “Ruler of the Dirtbags” test:

In an old mason jar, I poured a 16-oz PBR.  Then screwed on the lid.

Afterward, I filled a different jar with dirt.  Lidded it too.

We had forty people coming over.  Lots of food, a huge bin in the back filled with soda, beer, and ice.  Open.

Off to the side, in a small, closed cooler, click-locked, I put the old jar of PBR (Hear the rhyme?).

During the night, I watched the cooler.  If anyone opened the cooler, saw the jar, shook it, unscrewed the lid, smelled the contents, then drank, then that person – that, my friend – would be the Ruler of the Dirtbags.

I had a song ready.  A boxing-announcer-like championship call.  Plus the jar of dirt as a trophy.

But nobody did it.  Nobody opened the cooler.  It stayed closed all night long.

And I wait still.

Tonight’s BBQ?


Come dirty, come all.


2 thoughts on “Everyday Dirtbag #135.

    • “Pyrrhic” is a big word. And it rhymes with “lyric,” so does that mean it’s kinda similar, and the same thing, and like, stuff?


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