Failing Writer #36.

Because I love numbers, here are the stats by reading and location:

Tsunami Books, Eugene, #1:  75

Tsunami Books, Eugene, #2:  50

Ravenna Books, Seattle:  4

Powell’s Books, Portland:  50

Books Inc., San Francisco:  16

Intangibles.  Autographed copies store managers ask for.  How promotions affect sales ahead of time.

Does each book sold mean two more down the line?  Three?  Five?  Or zero?

It all depends on people’s reactions to the book.

We’ll see about New York in two weeks.  But I’m reading with two other Soft Skull writers, so I’ll divide the number into thirds.  Or wait, since the others are NYC authors, they’re probably going to bring in a lot more people than me.  So does that mean I “earn” a sixth of the total number?  A twelfth?

Hmmm. Tough math.

I don’t know how to draw people in a far away city.  Or how to calculate my draw.


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