Rejections In Real Time – Failing Writer #38

Well, my publisher just rejected my option book.  For those of you who don’t know, if you sign a one-book deal, your publisher has the right of first refusal for the next book in the same genre. That’s called the option.

For example, if your agent sells your memoir, then the next nonfiction book goes to your first-book publisher before it goes out to anyone else.  They have thirty days from submission to say yes or no. Make an offer on that next book or reject the manuscript outright.

My publisher/parent publisher, Counterpoint, rejected in 10 days.  Quick.  They said the book wasn’t a good fit for their sensibilities.

I love that wording.

So now my agent can send the manuscript anywhere, and she makes up a new submission list for fall sendouts.  That’s how it works.

But I haven’t only been rejected by Counterpoint.  Here are a few other places my stories have been rejected recently:

Climbing Magazine

Electric Literature

Ampersand Review

Boston Review

Bellevue Literary Review


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