Emerging Writer Advice – Harry Crews

Benjamin LeRoy sent me this interview of Harry Crews, a seventy-six-year-old novelist, essayist, and playwright.

It’s a creepy interview that includes sweatpants, slow smoking, and evil eyes.  But I love it.  So many moments of wisdom for an emerging artist (novelist, painter, etc.).  Plus, he rants.




One thought on “Emerging Writer Advice – Harry Crews

  1. Creepy? A bit, but to any beginning writer (or hack hoping to graduate to real writing), he hands the keys to the kingdom, doesn’t he? A million years ago, I heard a conversation between William Stafford and Robert Bly, in which one of them talked about the internal critic who plagued him with whispers of “You’re not a writer!”, “That’s crap!”, “No one will give a damn about anything you have to say”… But then he found a trick: every morning when he sat down to work, he wrote the most hideous dreck he could think of, grinning while his internal critic foamed at the mouth and shrieked itself…speechless. After about 20 minutes it fell into exhausted silence and left him in peace for the rest of the day. Clever, hunh?


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