Failing Writer #40.

They changed my title.  I couldn’t even get that one.

And the new title has a cliche in it.  And I spent a long time choosing my original title.  And I was hoping for some controversy since my original title had the word “hate” in it linked to the phrase “Sherman Alexie.”

Okay, “Sherman Alexie” isn’t a phrase, he’s an author.  A famous author.

And I don’t actually hate him.  Just his writing sometimes.  Only sometimes.  And I hate the fact that his worst novel was heralded by the New York Times.  The reviewers said they loved it even though they knew it wasn’t good.

And I just noticed that there are a lot of “and”s in this post.


But here’s my new piece for the Huffington Post (cliche title written by the editors at HP – blame them):



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