The End of Boys updates

I just found out that The End of Boys is being taught in a creative nonfiction class at Lane Community College this year.  Also, Monroe High School has adopted the book as part of its independent reading curriculum.

The University of Oregon bookstore set up a reading for me at the Knight Library on the U of O campus in November.  So I’ll read there on the 9th.


2 thoughts on “The End of Boys updates

  1. Dear Peter

    I was looking forward to read The End Of Boys but when I tried to download it to my KIndle, it told me it’s not available in this area (Canada).

    The write-up about your story was enough to captivate me as I love this kind of read, specially when they are based on true facts/real people.

    Can you tell me if and when it will be available?




    • Renee-Ann: That’s really strange that it won’t download to Canada. Doesn’t make any sense at all. Please ask Amazon to give permission to download because they will if you ask (or they have in the past under similar circumstances). And thank you for your interest.


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