New Huffington Post Article

Wrote a piece on memoir writing for the Huff Po.

Just came out today.  Check:

The Wicked Art of Memoir Making


2 thoughts on “New Huffington Post Article

  1. Peter –

    Checked out your article in the Huff Post. Nice work. Your candid observation is right on point. I don’t happen to think that all memoirs necessitate the existence of wickedness.

    I recently completed a memoir that has members of my family in it, but they are not depicted in a manner that is so much hurtful. Rather, it shows the reality of some of the family issues we experienced in a light-hearted, but true fashion. It is my hope that the story proves to be both of interest and entertaining to the targeted audience. While certain chapters could potentially be embarrassing (particularly to myself), that’s not a problem for me. The ability to honestly convey my story while exposing a few of my vulnerabilities, and how they were dealt with, has made me a better person.

    The question you posed to would-be memoir writers is a valid one. After pondering it myself, I came to the conclusion that my story is indeed important enough to be told; one whose success or failure will be measured by all of those who take the time to read it.

    Thanks for your post.



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