The Death of Kirkus And No Oprah To Save Us?

I was thinking about Kirkus going under, about their 5000 book reviews each year, that since 1933 they’d been one of the biggest sources of pre-pub info for libraries, booksellers, agents, and editors.  Authors may have hated their viciousness at times, but at least Kirkus actually reviewed books (rather than shameless pandering to celebrity authors’ mediocre books).  True reviews are so rare these days.  Honestly I hoped for a wicked review of The End of Boys, but instead it was reviewed by very few people.  Perhaps, if Kirkus had reviewed it, I would’ve received that nasty slam I hoped for.  Who knows though?

And now none of my books will ever be reviewed by Kirkus.  Kind of like there being little chance of me being on Oprah.  Oh wait…

And although I did sell a couple hundred copies at Borders this summer, I don’t think I’ll sell many more through that chain.

But someone new will come in.  And the Kindle Fire is the top selling item on Amazon this week which means more ebooks sold, right?  Or maybe not once again.  The Kindle Fire does movies, TV, apps, web browsing, games, magazines, email, and on and on.  It’s not really about books anymore.  Maybe the first Kindles were book readers, but not the latest and the greatest.  I know a mother who bought her six-year-old a Kindle so that he could watch movies on the go.

And what will be next?


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