Sunburns In Winter, A Dirtbag’s Glory (E.D. #148)

Met my friend Max at the Columns yesterday to climb with him and belay him on his project.

I didn’t get a very good warm-up, jumped on something hard, got flash-pumped, felt weak, started crying, wept, vomited, then felt a lot better.

The usual.

It was 37 degrees and bright sunny on the southwest facing darkish/grayish/blackish basalt and it felt like 60 degrees outside.  In January.

So even if I fell while toproping something I’ve led before, and even if Max blew two ball-nut placements on lead and he could’ve decked and totally died, and even if he didn’t get his send on the proj, and there were lots of people in a small space, and it was busy, and I got thirsty, and my food ran out, and I cried again, twice, sobbed until I retched, the day was like the lit blue of an MSR stove’s flame and just as bright, and I was happy.

And maybe I write fiction (or “tell fictions” as the Brittish call little lies), but actually, truly, legitimately, it was glory.  Pure glory.  It was perfect.


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