Johnny Hipster Wrote Back

After I wrote my letter breaking up with a hipster (For the Lit Journal Ampheta’Zine), we got a lot of comments and email responses.  But none as good as this.

I’ve posted my letter on the site, and the response I got this morning from Johnny Hipster himself.  And is he ever bitter….



2 thoughts on “Johnny Hipster Wrote Back

  1. Somebody got owned.

    Though, honestly, I’m a little unclear on the particulars, especially the “who” part of them. Then again, sometimes I think feigning ignorance and talking about “Socrates this, and Socrates that” is the best way for my band to get on stage in Brooklyn. So, it could be that I do actually know who got owned, but don’t want to jeopardize future plans.

    Or maybe not.

    I’m just gonna chill out, drink a BenzoPop, and think about how awesome it would be to see a band made up of dudes dressed like the Transformers who have some kind of holy war against some other band of dude’s dressed up in G.I. Joe gear, because both bands claim to be the best Steely Dan cover band.

    You just wish you knew if I was serious.


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