Visiting A College Class

I got to visit Lane Community College this week where their Creative Nonfiction Literature class is reading my book, The End of Boys.

I was so impressed with the diligence of the students.  The professor was teaching them to find symbols and leitmotifs in the work, and they came up with incredible examples.  Also, their dedication to scholarship was something I didn’t expect.

One woman was having trouble with the arc, so she reread the whole second half of the book.  Another young woman couldn’t identify with a scene in a trailer park, but she noticed a reference to Pink Floyd and decided to listen to the album while rereading.  Then she said everything came together and she was immersed in the scene.

The students even found a few motifs I didn’t intend as motifs:  The maps of Daniel and Maria linking.  The flag on the throat.

They asked me to talk about structure and purpose, and I felt humbled by their questions.  So grateful.


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