Dali on Dante – Divine Indeed

I’ve emailed Van Gogh three times but he must be busy.  I keep saying, “I love you, please illustrate my book, that thing you did with the Starry Night was so cool, and the sunflowers, and I don’t care if people are calling you crazy or depressed, and I’ve got this novel I’m working on…” but he hasn’t responded.  Not even a text.

Then I went a different direction, and called Andy Warhol.  No call back.  Nothing.  But my friend in the New York Pop Art scene says Warhol’s retired now, not interested, isn’t really practicing art these days.

So what’s a novelist with graphic intentions supposed to do?

I guess I’ll just imagine what it could be like.  And this got me thinking….

Artists on authors?

How about Salvador Dali’s drawings for Dante’s The Divine Comedy?



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