Dirtbag Training Diary – Rest Day (Action?)

Rest Days:  Two on, two off.

Read:  “American Dirtbag” by Andrew Bisharat.

My Dirtbaggery:  Three free meals in the last two days.  Five free cups of coffee.

Rest day activities:

– 53 push-ups on Tuesday evening for opposition work (Why 53?  That’s the prime number I stopped on)

– 8 miles of bike commuting

– 7 miles of bike commuting on Wednesday

– One City-League soccer game

– Forearm self-massage twice

– Writing a story about a Mormon love affair

– Reading old Rock and Ice magazine copies, drooling over boulder pics, laughing with Bisharat always

– Fish oil capsule burping (2000 mg. creates a nasty, nasty aftertaste)


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